Mustard Oil Kachchi Ghani - Emami Healthy & Tasty

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Mustard Oil Kachchi Ghani - Emami Healthy & Tasty

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Omega-3 which helps reduce the chances of a colon tumor, heart disease and is also free from cholesterol
It is an all-time favorite in Bengal and the main medium for authentic Bengali cuisine
Emami Healthy & Tasty Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil is manufactured using handpicked Rajasthani mustard seeds by First Press Technology

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It has more antioxidants and vitamins than any other normal oil. It is very helpful in preventing early aging and is cholesterol free. It heart-friendly cooking oil. This kachchi ghani mustard oil is also widely used for cooking foods. We offer our range of kachchi ghani mustard oil in consumer pack different sizes from the 5L pack to 50 ml pack in tins, jars, bottles, and pouches as per our clients’ requirements.

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