Haldi / Turmeric Powder - Aashirvaad

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Haldi / Turmeric Powder - Aashirvaad

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Aashirvaad Turmeric Powder is prepared much like how you do things for your family. With Care. A garden-fresh turmeric powder that has a golden-yellow colour.
Turmeric has a mild, earthy and woody flavour
It stimulates protein digestion, and is an excellent blood purifier

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To bring you Aashirvaad Turmeric Powder, we select Turmeric the traditional way - they have to be crisp, sun-dried, free of impurities and golden in color. To source the turmeric, we go directly to the farmers. The turmeric is then selected by experts to ensure that you get great flavour, as well as a natural golden yellow color. Aashirvaad Turmeric Powder is prepared much like how you do things for your family. With Care. The dried root of the plant Curcuma longa is the spice known as Turmeric. Once known as Indian saffron because of its property of colour and smell, today it's widely used as a less expensive substitute. Culinary Uses of Turmeric PowderIt is noted for its bright yellow colour and used as a colouring agent Turmeric is used extensively in Indian dishes. Turmeric has also found application in canned beverages, baked products, dairy products, ice cream, yogurt, yellow cakes, biscuits, popcorn-color, sweets, cake icings, cereals, sauces, gelatins, etc. Medicinal Value of Turmeric PowderIn the Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is thought to have many medicinal properties and many in India use it as a readily available antiseptic for cuts and burns. Whenever there is a cut or a bruise, the home remedy is to reach for turmeric powder. Ayurvedic doctors say it has fluoride which is essential for teeth. It is also used as an antibacterial agent.It is also used for the treatment of flatulence and appetite loss. Turmeric with all these attributes is today an active ingredient of many cosmetics and drugs. Ingredient of Aashirvaad Turmeric Powder :Whole Turmeric

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