Gobindo Bhog - Adarsha

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Gobindo Bhog - Adarsha

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Unlike the long grained and fluffy Basmati rice, Gobindobhog is short-grained and sticky. It is locally grown and cultivated in many areas in Bengali and is prized for its wonderful aroma. It is believed that the name Gondibhog was derived from the time it was used in preparing the special Prasad and bhog for Lord Govinda Jiu, the family deity of the Setts of Kolkata.

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Gobindobhog (Bengali: গোবিন্দভোগ) is a rice cultivar from West Bengal, India. It is a short grain, white, aromatic, sticky rice having a sweet buttery flavor. It derives its name from its usage as the principal ingredient in the preparation of the offerings to Govindajiu, the family deity of the Setts of Kolkata.

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